Ambassador Schools

Ambassador Schools across the country have been participating in the Green Tree Badge activities using the passbook and teaching pack.

Bishop Lonsdale Church of England Primary School and Nursery, Derby

Bishop Lonsdale Church of England Primary School and Nursery are working through the Green Tree Badge passbook and teaching pack to achieve their Green Tree Badge.  Both the pupils and teachers have enjoyed the activities.

“I liked the creative activities, they are easy and free.” Pupil

“All the children loved measuring the tree to work out its age and height.” Mr Lyddon, Teacher

Caedmon Primary School, Middlesborough

Caedmon Primary School discovered the Green Tree Badge activities developed pupils understanding of nature, increased their vocabulary and use of descriptive words.

“The pack enhanced the children’s understanding of the seasons, tree life cycles and increased their vocabulary of our forests. This has helped children in their literacy and develop descriptive language around woodlands.” Teacher

West Denton Primary School, Newcastle upon Tyne

West Denton Primary School got stuck in and identified trees by looking at the size, shape and characteristics of leaves. The pupils enjoyed building mini dens using natural materials. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from next term.

Burnwood Community Primary School, Stoke – on – Trent. 

Teachers and pupils at Burnwood Community Primary School found the Green Tree Badge activities engaging and interesting. The Green Tree Badge activities enabled the pupils to have deep discussions about different tree species and their fruits.

“Informative and engaged the children well, the pupils were really interested in the different species of trees and their fruits. The children went into deep discussions and thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

Thorne King Edward Primary School, Doncaster. 

The staff and pupils from Thorne King Edward Primary School loved getting involved with the Green Tree Badge. The pupils increased their knowledge of tree seeds, and the valuable habitat that trees provide for wildlife.  The pupils enjoyed getting to grips with identification of birds and mini beasts.

The children absolutely loved it! Collecting seeds and identifying them, learning about wildlife and their habitats. Just fantastic! The children loved every minute of the session. ” Year 2 Teacher

Pupil feedback

“My favourite thing was collecting conkers and acorns!” 

“I liked matching the birds to the charts and listening to the different sounds they make.”

“I enjoyed looking for different bugs and learning about them.”

Get your school or group involved in the Green Tree Badge and discover the numerous benefits. When you register, we will add you to our map of participating schools and groups.

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