Grants for Resilient Woodlands – Apply Now

Step 1 

Download and fill out the Planting Plan template below.

Planting Plan Template

Step 2

Complete the questions below and submit with your planting plan attached.


Correspondence Address(Required)

Species make up

Please select the species you wish to plant.
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What is the primary purpose for planting?(Required)

You can add secondary purposes in the management objectives section
Please provide a brief description of your species mix and the management objectives of the planting (e.g. future timber production / biodersity / nurse trees)
Tell us about any advice you have had or decision making tools you have used to develop your planting proposal. If you plan to plant more than 5,000 trees you must attach an Ecological Site Classification (ESC) report (for schemes in England, Scotland and Wales) or other evidence showing the results of species suitability analysis. If you are including species in your planting proposal that an not included in your ESC report or suitability analysis, then please tell us why. If your planting is experimental, please tell us how you will share what you learn.
Will your project provide any of the following benefits? (Tick all that apply)(Required)
Case study and marketing(Required)
Are you happy for your woodland to be named in case studies from GreenTheUK and Train Hugger?
Is the site accessible to the public?(Required)
We ask this because many of the funders have specific criteria to fund biodiversity imrpovements. Please list any species of note you know if in your woods and any species that may benefit from any new planting.
You should refer to you planting proposal (required attachment, section A6 below). Tell us how your chosen species, planting pattern / method and management will help to deliver the benefits in A4. Please also tell us any information you have about how your trees will be responsibly sourced.
You can refer to your management plan (if you have one) and planting proposal. Please tell us about any tree protection, establishment techniques or ongoing management you intent to employ over the 10 years following planting. You must also confirm that to the best of your knowledge, there are sufficient funds/resources in place for the ongoing care and management of your planted trees
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