June 13, 2023, 6:00 pm

Watton Farm, Droxford – Southern Division

During this evening meeting, we'll see directly seeded woodland from 2000. Issues to be discussed include Willow invasion, delayed thinning and preferred species, funding, access, management of the Oak, woody shrub edge and invasive Sycamore. Ian Willoughby and Richard Jinks from Forest Research will be attending this event, hosted by James Gibbings.

Droxford, SO32 3HA

For more information regarding this meeting please contact the local Honorary Secretary, Steve Russell, on steve@woodlandcountrysidemanagement.com

Pre-visit information

In the light of COVID 19, we urge all members to read our COVID 19 guideline notes before attending woodland meetings.  In addition, as an educational charity, the RFS must lead by example on the biosecurity measures recommended by the Forestry Commission (FC) and Defra to minimise the risk of spreading soil-borne tree infections. You can make a difference to stopping the spread of tree diseases. Clean boots are a first step!  For further information, please click here