May 26, 2022, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Grey squirrel management for woodland owners and forestry practitioners

With David Brown. An introductory course on the importance of managing grey squirrels, with a mix of classroom and outdoor learning for woodland owners and practitioners, hosted in the glorious surroundings of the Harewood House Estate near Leeds.

Harewood House, Harewood, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17 9LG

An introductory course to help woodland owners and forestry practitioners with the following:

Why do I need to control grey squirrels?

We will discuss damage to trees and the future of diverse, near-to-nature broadleaf woodland in the UK. This will include the impacts of grey squirrel on tree health, carbon sequestration, red squirrels and other native species.

Where should my efforts be focused?

We will describe the sorts of woodland that are vulnerable and think about how to place traps to be most effective at capturing grey squirrels whilst making them convenient to check and avoiding conflict with the public.

When should I control grey squirrels?

We will talk about the benefits of trapping at different times of year to achieve the various objectives of protecting woodland, red squirrels and other wildlife.

How do I control grey squirrels?

We will discuss the legal framework around trapping. Different methods and trap types will be presented as well as the impacts that pine martens and goshawks can have on grey squirrel populations. You will be made aware of the work of organisations to control grey squirrels including British Red Squirrel, BASC and the UKSA. This will give us a glimpse into the possible future of grey squirrel control in the UK.

In summary, delegates will have:

  • An understanding of the need to control grey squirrels and the landscape benefits this could bring.
  • An awareness of the various squirrel control strategies and equipment.
  • An awareness of national organisations and projects involved in grey squirrel control,

Tea, coffee and water will be provided but please bring a packed lunch as lunch is not provided.  Bring outdoor clothing and suitable footwear for the outdoor sessions.  

Ticket prices

RFS members £70.00 per person / Non-RFS members £80.00 per person

David Brown

David Brown manages 20 hectares of award-winning broadleaf woodland on his farm in North Wales. The quality of his young woodland is dependent on his rigorous annual control of grey squirrels.
He planted his woodland, displacing sheep grazing, to create shelter for his small suckler herd, improve opportunities for biodiversity and provide a valuable resource for future generations. His management has created a woodland that at 25 years old is producing fencing materials and small amounts of planking timber – just the very start of the bounty that healthy broadleaf woodlands should be providing.
He wants to share with other land managers the understanding, skills and confidence to protect their woodlands from grey squirrel damage.