October 21, 2021 - October 22, 2021

“From Seed to Sawn” Forestry for Non Foresters

A two day training course for land owners and managers in the West Midlands who are keen to establish or actively manage existing woodland.

Colton Village Hall, Colton, Staffordshire, WS15 3LN

Generously funded by the Forestry Commission Forestry Innovation Fund for woodland owners and managers in the West Midlands and North West England. 

Course Cost – A subsidised rate of only £50.00 per person

The Forestry for Non Foresters ‘From Seed to Sawn’ course is designed for people who have little experience of forestry and who:

  • own or are responsible for an existing woodland
  • own or manage land on which they plan to establish a woodland

This introduction is a two day field based course, which will lead you through the forest cycle from the establishment and aftercare of newly planted trees, through to options for woodland management, and end with the harvesting and marketing of timber.

The aim of the course is to demystify forestry, cutting through the jargon and allowing course participants to clearly understand what steps to take to release the potential of their new or existing woodland.

The course will include:

  • Tree establishment
  • Timber harvesting
  • Forest inventory & tree measurement
  • Woodland planning
  • Grants and felling licences
  • Constraints and opportunities in woodlands including conservation, recreation, access and health and safety.

All attendees will receive 12 months membership of the Royal Forestry Society, offering the opportunity for ongoing support and training to help you manage your woodlands.

PLEASE NOTE – in line with the terms of the funding agreement, course participants must:

  • Not be current members of the RFS
  • Have little or no experience in forestry
  • Own or manage land with existing or plans for new woodland in one of the following counties:
    • West Midlands – Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire
    • North West – Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside

Kevin Penfold MicFor

Course tutor

Kevin Penfold MicFor has over 35 years’ experience working with and managing woodlands. He spent 25 years of his career with the Forestry Commission in roles such as Forest District Manager, Operations Manager (for 11 years), Planning Forester, Technical Trainer, and Forester. In 2012 Kevin established his own business and now manages a wide range of woodland types with differing objectives, undertaking the marketing and supply of timber, contract management, health and safety management, woodland establishment, and woodland regeneration for private woodland owners. A past approved forestry technical trainer, assessor, and examiner, he has a high level of technical competence having represented forest industry interests at a national level with the HSE.

Jim Sauter MCMI

Course tutor

Jim Sauter MCMI has over 40 years working in and managing woodlands. His early years were spent working on a private estate in Oxfordshire and for the Crown Estate in the West Midlands before studying at a Forestry College.
The majority of his career was working for the Forestry Commission in Wales and England over 40 years in roles as diverse as Technical Trainer, Operational Management Trainer, Operations Manager West England and Head of Sustainable Land Management in West England. Jim is also a past approved forestry technical trainer, assessor, management trainer and examiner with a proven track record of skills and a high level of competence in Forestry Operations and Forest Management.