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NDG James Memorial Lecture 2020


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Trees for the Future

John Grimshaw - Director, The Yorkshire Arboretum 

Tuesday 29 September 2020 by Zoom webinar 

John explored the need to plant a diversity of trees to help bring resilience to our treescapes in the face of climate change and the threats posed by pests and diseases. Facing these challenges, which have in-built uncertainties, while also responding to governmental calls for massive tree planting across the country,  foresters and other tree planters need to embrace diversity, rethink silvicultural practices, and use a scientific approach to the selection of trees for their areas with regard to both species and provenance. With over 3000 tree species in cultivation in the British Isles, there should be plenty to choose from.


To listen to John's lecture please click HERE



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John Grimshaw

John Grimshaw is a gardener and writer with a botany degree and doctorate in Afromontane forest ecology from the University of Oxford. His book New Trees, Recent Introductions to Cultivation (with Ross Bayton) was published in 2009, and he is editor-in-chief of the International Dendrology Society’s Trees and Shrubs Online project, producing an online encyclopaedia of hardy woody plants.

He has been Director of the Yorkshire Arboretum since 2012, fostering the development of a diverse collection of trees and leading the project to build the UK’s first tree health training centre, due to open in autumn 2020.