September 21, 2022, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Planting and establishment of alternative species

RFS Hockeridge & Pancake Wood is home to 60 species of tree, many of which are alternative species recently planted following felling and restocking activity. Join the wood's warden, John Morris, for a comprehensive and informative day discussing planting and establishment of alternative species in a practical context.

The Old School, Ashley Green, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 3PP

Visits to RFS Hockeridge & Pancake Woods to see over 60 species of trees, including commercial conifers and some ornamental broadleaves on an ancient woodland site in the Chilterns. Most of the trees have been planted since the 1950s. Five sub compartments have been felled and restocked in the last five years, three of which were felled in Winter 2020.  These compartments have been restocked with mixes that are hoped to show adaptability and resilience to climate change. Pancake Wood has one hectare of new planting with innovative mixtures to try to grow quality English oak.

The aim of this day is to discuss and demonstrate the following in a practical context in the lovely surroundings of the Royal Forestry Society’s flagship woodland:

  • Loss of existing species due to pests, disease and climate change (e.g. loss of ash to ash dieback).
  • Use and establishment of alternative conifer and broadleaved species to increase resilience.
  • Tree spacing and layout of mixtures when planting alternative species.
  • Different methods of tree protection.
  • Weed control.
  • View examples of mature trees from earlier planting mixtures, including a range of conifer species including coast & giant redwoods, Norway spruce, Scots pine, larch, Douglas fir, western hemlock.   Mature broadleaves include beech, oak, sweet chestnut, tulip trees, red oaks, Nothofagus species and many more.
  • Control and management of deer, grey squirrels and fat dormouse (Glis glis).

Course attendees are advised to bring packed lunches as lunch is not provided.  Please bring outerwear and footwear suitable for the outdoor sessions.

Price: £70.00 (RFS members) or £80.00 (non RFS members)

John Morris

John Morris is a self-employed Woodland Manager, mainly in the Chilterns, and also works part time for Small Woods as Project Manager for the Small Woods ELM Test & Trial. He studied Biological Sciences at Exeter University. He has been giving advice and assistance on woodland management in the Chilterns for over 35 years. He has organized several conferences and training events. He is a longstanding member of the RFS and currently represents Oxon/ Bucks division on Council. John has been organizing volunteer workparties with the Chiltern Society in Hockeridge Wood since November 2014 and took on the role of woodland manager there in June 2017, so knows the woods well.