Urban Forestry

Trees growing in our cities, along streets and in peoples gardens, are managed by Urban Foresters. Urban Foresters are often referred to as tree surgeons, arborists or arboriculturalists. The practice of arboriculture means ‘the cultivation of trees and shrubs.’ Urban forestry requires specific knowledge and skill sets to work with trees within the urban environment.

Ground Worker

For many college leavers, this is the first job they will get after completing any arboriculture course.

Tasks include:
– setting out the work area
– sending the saw and other equipment up to the climber
– operating lowering equipment
– breaking down lowered sections
– handling, stacking or chipping cut wood
– maintenance of equipment.

What qualifications will I need?
– Level 2 Arboriculture

£9,000 – £13,000 per year (often paid by the hour or as a day rate)

Arborist – Tree Climber

The role of a climber is physically demanding and requires a very safe approach to work.

Tasks include:
– removing branches (known as limbs)
– felling trees
– tree inspections to identify signs of rot and disease

What qualifications will I need?
– Level 2 or 3 Arboriculture

£12,000 – £27,000

Tree Officer

Tasks include:
– planting, caring for, assessing, and removing trees in an urban setting.
– tree surveys accurately
– assessing planning applications against environmental regulations and Tree Preservation Orders.

What qualifications will I need?
There are a variety of levels of tree officer roles in local authorities. Some will be more hands on roles requiring college level qualifications in arboriculture or forestry. Others will require more knowledge of planning regulations and may be suited to a graduate with a degree such as Forestry, Countryside Management or Geography.

£17,000 – £40,000

Community Foresters

Tasks include:
– establishing tree planting schemes
– manage urban woodlands
– promoting the benefits of trees within urban and rural settings
– organising events, activities and projects to raise awareness of environmental conservation and increase community involvement

What qualifications will I need?
A wide range of experience or a degree in a subject such as Forestry or Countryside Management.

£15,000 – £25,000