Forest Craftsperson

Chainsaw Operator

Tasks include:
– Removal of felled tree limbs
– Crosscutting of logs
– Felling small trees

What qualifications do I need?
It is an advantage if you hold a minimum of chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting licences to practice.

£240 a day


Tasks include:
– Tree planting, pruning, thinning and felling
– Protecting trees by carrying out weeding and pest control
– Maintenance including fencing, footpath maintenance, coppicing and ride widening.

What qualifications do I need?
Ideally a qualification in forestry or countryside management at level 2 or above
Some licences to practice including chainsaw operations, pesticide application, tractor and tailor diving and pest control.

£18,000 – £30,000 per year (benefits including accommodation and transport sometimes offered)

Forestry equipment operator

Tasks include:
– Run and operate skidders, harvesters, loaders and other heavy machinery

Skills needed:
– Excellent attention to health and safety
– Mature attitude
– Experience in other forestry jobs
– Licences to operate the relevant machinery.

£20,000 – £30,000 per year