Choosing GCSE and A Level Options

Selecting subjects for the forestry sector


Understand how plants grow and the features of a woodland ecosystem. Understand about the animals and diseases that might attack trees within a woodland.


Useful for all sections of forestry but particularly for anyone wanting to specialize in working in tree nurseries or forest research.


The subject deals with many topics that are linked to forestry including, ecosystems, weather, waterways, energy, natural hazards, sustainability and conservation.

Design and Technology

Gain valuable knowledge and skills required for understanding and working with wood if you’re considering a career in the wood processing (saw mill) or wood products (carpentry) sectors.

ICT and Computer Science

Confidence with ICT is as important in forestry as it is in many other jobs. The uses are wide ranging from completing felling licence or grant applications to using mapping software or creating a website for your business. The machinery used within the wood processing sector is also largely computer operated, as are many of the large forestry machines.


Forestry is a global industry with opportunities all around the world.

Leisure and Tourism

Forestry recreation is a multimillion pound industry that continues to grow in the UK.

Business Studies

The majority of organisations within the forestry sector are small companies, with many working independently as self-employed contractors. Business studies would be a good subject for learners who would like to be self-employed or start their own company in the forestry sector.

Additional Qualifications

While additional qualifications do not guarantee employment, they help you build a CV that is attractive to colleges, universities or employers.