Board Self Evaluation Form

Board Self-Evaluation January 2024


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Does the Board comply with its objectives, governance standards & rules?
Is the Board effective at setting strategy?
Is the Board effective at overseeing implementation of strategy?
Does the Board ensure that RFS is effectively resourced and managed with appropriate risk control?
Does the Board operate in an open and accountable way?
Is the Board effective at managing the relationship with Members (via the Division structure)?
Is the Board effective at utilising the competence and collective experience of Trustees?
Is the composition of the Board strong – are critical and necessary perspectives/ competencies represented?
Is the Board effective at looking at future requirements in forestry and developing to meet changing needs?
Are day to day matters such as communications, board material, number of meetings appropriate?
Is the relationship between the Board and the Chief Executive clearly defined, open, transparent and based on trust?
Is the Board sufficiently engaged in and knowledgeable about the work of the executive team?