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Northumberland College


  •  College:   Northumberland College
  •  Division:  North Eastern Division
  •  Name:      Mathew Hudson
  •  Course:    Advanced apprenticeship Trees and Timber (Arboriculture)

Mathewhudsonjohnmonaghan Northumberlandsilky15 Crfs 040815 Pt

Pictured: Mathew Hudson and John Monaghan (RFS North Eastern Division Chairman)


What the lecturer said: Written work does not come naturally to Matthew, however he applied himself with such determination that he excelled in this area. Matthews real strength however are his practical skills which he demonstrated to an extremely high level both here on his program of study and at his work place, Oliver’s Tree Services in County Durham.

What Mathew said: I’m delighted to receive this award and would like to thank everybody at Kirkley Hall and my placement at Oliver’s Tree Services for all the training they have provided me over the last 2 years 



  •  College:     Northumberland College
  •  Division:    North Eastern Division
  •  Name:        Sion Watson
  •  Course:      Level 3 Extended Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture

Sionwatsonjohnmonaghan Northumberlandsilky15crfs 040815 Pt

Pictured: Sion Watson and John Monaghan (RFS North Eastern Divison Chairman)


What the lecturer said: Sion is a first class student. He is passionate about trees and shrubs with an insatiable thirst for knowledge with respect to these. He has also excelled in a range of practical skills, gaining tickets in a range of ground based as well as aerial tree work operations.

What Sion said: I am very pleased to be offered this award and look forward to the opportunities that may arise from it.

What the college said: We are extremely grateful to be able to nominate students for this prestigious award. It allows students to not only receive local recognition for their endeavours but increases that profile nationwide.

We are really so grateful for the RFS Silky award. It not only provides a focus for students in terms of practical achievement but also should be seen as an opportunity not only for celebration in itself but also in its role in providing a platform for our student’s future progression.