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Moulton College



Oliverhallmoulton Silky15 Cmc 140715 Pt

Pictured: Oliver Hall

Lecturer has said: Oliver has consistently worked above and beyond for the two years he has attended. Brilliant in both practical ability and a great role model to his peers. Nominated by the arboriculture team.



  • College:         Moulton College 
  • Division:        Midlands Division
  • Name:            Stewart Firth
  • Course:          Subsidiary Diploma – Countryside Management

Stewartfirthmoulton Silky15 Cmc 140715 Pt

Pictured: Stewart Firth

Lecturer has said: Stewart has superb practical ability, he listens carefully to his tutors and uniquely mentors others in his peer group – a well deserving individual. Nominated by the countryside management team.