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Easton & Otley College



  •  College:    Easton & Otley College
  •  Division:   East Anglia Division
  •  Name:       David Sykes
  •  Course:     Level 2 Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture

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Pictured: Carl Jacobs Course Lecturer and David Sykes


What the lecturer said: Worked above and beyond the requirements of the course. David’s attendance has been exemplary as has his application whilst at college. He always gives his best and his passion for trees has lead him into exploring Shigo, Mattheck and Lonsdale which is a good start in anyone’s book.

What David said: I previously did a college course but didn’t enjoy but I had completed some landscape work and enjoyed the tree part of the job. So I enrolled on the forestry and Arb course which I have really enjoyed. The strongest aspect of my work has been the practical work and with the support of the excellent tutors at the college I have develop edand improve these skills. So I am very pleased to recieve the RFS Silky Fox Handsaw Award in recogniton of this improvement.



  •  College:       Easton & Otley College
  •  Division:      East Anglia Division
  •  Name:          Jake Camilleri
  •  Course:        Level 3 Extended Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture


What the lecturer said: Jake has consistently excelled and applied himself to the course. Working above and beyond the requirements of the course.

What Jake said: I have really enjoyed my time at Easton and Otley College. The tutors have supported me and I feel that I have gained the skills I need to progress into the industry.

What the college said: We continue to value the Silky Fox at Easton and Otley College as recognition of students who perform well in their respective qualifications. The connection with the RFS and the wider tree community is an important one that needs to be nurtured.