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Warwickshire College, Pershore Campus


  • College:           Warwickshire College, Pershore Campus, Worcestershire
  • RFS Division:   Worcestershire Division
  • Name:              Ryan Shaw
  • Course:            Level 3 Extended Diploma in Forestry & Arboriculture

 Norman Mays Studio E7908n

 Pictured: Ryan Shaw, Andrew Woods (RFS Management Committee) and Tamsin Jones (Interim Principal for Pershore College)


What the lecturer said: In addition to demonstrating an excellent level of practical ability Ryan has shown unfailing commitment and enthusiasm for all practical sessions with a cheerful outlook.  He has significantly developed his skills and confidence during his time at Pershore College and can look forward to a rewarding career.


What the college said: The RFS Silky Fox Handsaw Award offers the opportunity to recognise the huge efforts that the students have made during their time with us, rewarding them both with a useful tool for their career and membership of the Royal Forestry Society for a year, allowing them to continue their education beyond college.