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Riseholme College


  • College:           Riseholme College (part of Bishop Burton), Lincoln
  • RFS Division:   Notts & Lincs Division
  • Name:             Tom Gissing
  • Course:            Level 3 Extended Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture


Ianbirchtomgissingdavewalkerriseholme Silky14 Crfs 091014 Pt


Pictured: Ian Birch (Course Manager), Tom Gissing and Dave Walker (Lecturer)


What the lecturer said: During his time on programme Tom has effectively balanced the demanding partnership between college attendance and his role as a main climber for local arborist company Greencuts. Tom has always been a likable character and initially did not stand out as an exceptional student; this all changed with a sudden eureka moment after he completed the level 2 Diploma in Forestry & Arboriculture. Since then Tom has enrolled on the level 3 Extended Diploma course where he continually places himself outside his own comfort zone, this has enabled him to attain many industry competences including NPTC 600/6621/0 . His drive and friendly persona instils enthusiasm and motivation into all those fortunate to work alongside him. He has also acted as an ambassador for the college at numerous events including the Lincolnshire show; always upholding the ethics of the colleges "Can Do Attitude" to quote a colleague, he is an overall "GOOD EGG" who truly deserves this highly regarded award. Well done Tom.


What the college siad: The implementations of practical skills are an essential key in allowing each learner to access teaching and learning which develops their full potential, It also enables industry standards to be upheld. This award will provide a further incentive for learners to excel within their chosen specialism and will also aid to reassure them of the continuing future success of the forestry and arboricultural industry in the UK. This in no small part being due to the ongoing dedication and commitment shown to the next generation of specialists by organisations such as The Royal Forestry Society and Silky Saws.