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Northumberland College


  • College:           Northumberland College, Kirkley Hall, Northumberland
  • RFS Division:   North Eastern Division
  • Name:              Dr Sharon Johnson
  • Course:            Level 3 Diploma in Forestry & Arboriculture Logo Silky Groot 50X20

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What the lecturer said: A more focussed, passionate and determined student would be hard to find. Sharon’s thirst for knowledge and the help and support that she also provides for others on the course is outstanding. Sharon has gone the extra mile to master those practical skills, and this award is indeed a just reward to acknowledge that fact.


What the college said: Thanks again to the RFS for providing the Silky Fox Handsaw Award. This award helps give students a focus, something to work towards and ultimately national recognition for their individual achievement. It has become recognised and indeed highly sort accolade and as such one that we hope will continue to be provided in future years.