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Hereford and Ludlow College

  • College:           Hereford and Ludlow College, Holme Lacy Campus, Hereford
  • RFS Division:   Herefordshire Division
  • Name:              Lucy Mason
  • Course:            Level 3 Work Based Apprentice

 Lucymasonmajordaviddavenport Herefordsilky14 Crfs 241114 Pt

 Pictured: Lucy Mason and Major David Davenport (RFS Silky Fox Hands Saw Award Sponsor)


What the lecturer said; Lu is about to complete her Level 3 work based apprenticeship. Lu found forestry after successfully completing the Princes Trust 'Get into Woods' program. She secured a work placement with Say it with Wood, and with the support of Toby and Ali, she has worked very hard to complete her Level 2 to a high standard and has consistently produced written and practical work to a high standard. Lu has obtained many extra qualifications and has always shown a desire to learn and progress