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Capel Manor College


  • College:           Capel Manor College, Enfield
  • RFS Division:   London & Middlesex
  • Name:             Jack Hockley
  • Course:           Level 2 Arboriculture Apprentice 

0145 Img 3021   

Pictured: Sir William Stubbs, Jack Hockley and Phil Tanner (RFS Education Manager)


What the lecturer said; Jack is a very active and competent apprentice who finds the written and portfolio work very challenging. However, rather than allow it to get the better of him, he often comes into college early and stays late to complete his work in his own time. His ability to meet challenges head on and master them is a characteristic that will serve him well in his career and I feel that this award recognises and celebrates his commitment to his employer and himself.


What the college said; Capel Manor is proud to be involved with the RFS Silky Fox Handsaw Award and regards the achievement as an important recognition of our student’s commitment to their chosen career whilst achieving objectives they have difficulty with.