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2013 - Cord forming fungi

Kirsty Monk and Gabriel Hemery win the Royal Forestry Societys - James Cup 2013


Cord-forming fungi article wins James Cup

An article on the potential benefits of “Cord-Forming Fungi in British
Kirsty Monk James Cup Winner 2013 Mthas won the prestigious James Cup, which is awarded each year for the best article in the RFS Quarterly Journal of Forestry (QJF). The article was written by Kirsty Monk, a final year DPhil student at Oxford, and Gabriel Hemery, chief executive of the Sylva Foundation.

The article, investigating the ecology, diversity and distribution of cord forming fungi in Great Britain, was published in the July 2013QJF.

A panel of RFS members judged the award.

The article concludes: “On-going research is uncovering the numerous ways in which cord-forming fungi enhance and encourage woodland growth, health and productivity. ... The time has come to consider all components of woodland ecosystems when managing for timber or woodland products. Future improvements to timber yields and woodland health will lie in improving nutrient cycling and woodland resilience, especially in the light of projected environmental change and the uncertainty it presents to woodland owners and managers."

Kirsty Monk is conducting her research at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, where her work is part-funded by the Sylva Foundation as their first Sylva Scholar. She has specialised in evaluating species distribution modelling approaches for fungi, phylogenetic analyses, and informing woodland management practices through targeted field studies.

Kirsty is continuing her research, in combination with other organisations, to increase the involvement of members of the public in ecological science, and is currently completing initial teacher training with the University of Reading.


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