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2011 - Profitable management

Keith Blacker wins the Royal Forestry Society 2011 - James Cup 2011


"The profitable management of Small woodlands" by Keith BlackerKeithblacker Jamescup2011 Crfs 150914 Pt

In the April 2011 edition of the Quarterly Journal of Forestry Keith Blacker explained how he and his wife Decia built up a thriving forest and timber business on the 29ha mixed woodland they have managed for nearly ten years. Their success was based on creating a vertically integrated business that supplies directly to consumers across the UK with an emphasis on customer service. After nearly ten yeas' of ownership, Keith and Decia decided to record their experiences of bulding a timber buisness from scratch that has become one of the UK's leading suppliers of custom log stores.

To read the James Cup winning article from the QJF download using the tab in the right hand column.


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