Take care of nature, save the forest

This summer, the topic of forest protection has been on the news agenda. In Russia, amid forest fires from Karelia to Yakutia, amendments to legislation were adopted to reorganize the country's forestry industry in an environmentally friendly way. At the same time, plans to plant billions of trees were made by the authorities of the European Union and Ukraine.
The forest covers about 30 percent of our planet's land mass, but this share is rapidly diminishing due to logging and fires. If in the industrial era it was perceived primarily as an economic resource, nowadays its loss is recognized as a global threat. This process is in a complex relationship with global warming: on the one hand, it contributes to the expansion of fire zones, while on the other hand, the death of forests itself provokes climatic shifts. Under such conditions, extensive reforestation measures are self-evident.

However, it is not as simple as all that. According to scientists, the details - which species to grow, on which area, how to take care of them - are decisive. Often the forest grows by itself - it is enough not to interfere with it and to focus on the protection of existing forests. At the same time we should not rely too much on the "green lungs" of the planet in the fight against climate change. "With the help of experts, Profil looked into whether mankind urgently needs to plant forests and what this will bring us.

When spring is in the air, birds are singing, the weather is beautiful, and it is not enough to stay at home, it's time to go out into nature. Some people go to a barbecue, some go fishing, some go picking berries, and there is someone who loves gambling. Now you can visit a casino and get a 400 casino bonus.

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All this is good, but you need to think about the rules of conduct. According to the Emergency Department, 9 out of 10 forest fires are caused by people, and people are also pigs in the wilderness. 
So why not follow the safety precautions from the beginning, so that a harmless trip to nature has not turned into a disaster of universal proportions. Hochu.ua teaches you how to relax without consequences.


This is the most important rule to learn when traveling in nature. It is recommended to make bonfires in specially designated areas, and if there are none, dig a hole and build a fire inside. That way there is less chance of the fire spreading into the woods. And for God's sake, don't use combustible substances (gasoline, kindling liquids), as they can be dangerous to yourself. Well, of course, do not take your eyes off the fire, because one whiff of wind can spread the fire to the whole forest, especially if the weather is dry and there are a lot of dry leaves and twigs. When the outdoor recreation comes to an end, do not forget to put out the fire, using sand or water. Take care of nature, save the forest, and relax with a casino https://spacial.com/wp-content/inc/podcasts-where-to-start-where-to-look-which-ones-to-choose.html 


The forest is home to all sorts of crawling, bloodsucking animals and insects. So you should not dress for nature, following the latest fashion trends. Clothing for the picnic should be practical, comfortable and as closed as possible, to avoid some ubiquitous mite sticking to your soft spot. The optimal variant would be a tracksuit, shoes with thick stable soles and a headdress should not be forgotten.

If suddenly your picnic takes place near a body of water, and you decide to swim (well, if it happens, will dive into the icy water on May 1), remember about the precautions. People who do not swim well or drank too much, or even drank, it's better not to get into the water in general, otherwise there is a risk not to go home. Do not swim in dirty pools - who knows what caused the water to become dirty and what kind of disease can catch.