Glitter Tie Tee Shirt

I love shirt painting so much! One of my favorite things to do is to take an element, like a soda lid, and use it like a rubber stamp. It's easy to make dotted stripes, flowers, and more, by using such a lid. Another thing that I like to do is to lay something on the shirt and draw around it. Something as simple as a necktie looks so cool as a drawn-on shirt design. Go grab a shirt that needs a make-over and give it a new tie!

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  • Permanent marker or disappearing ink marker
  • Glitter
  • Fabric paint
  • Tee shirt

A woman's shirt, with a painted tie, is so fashionable. Just get a tie that you already have - or find one at a secondhand shop - and use it as the pattern. Make one design by knotting the tie, as you would to wear it, and positioning the tie on the tee. A different look is created by laying a portion of the tie on the shirt, but forgetting about the knot. Choose the design that you want and get started by laying the tie on the shirt. If it has a knot, position the knot in the very center of the neckline, and smooth the tie down the front. If the tie has no knot, just decide how much tie you want on the shirt, and lay that part of it on the tee.

A permanent marker can make a nice outline for the tie but it isn't absolutely necessary. You can outline the tie with a disappearing ink marker - found at a fabric or craft store - and outline with it. A couple of days later, the outline will disappear. But if you want the outline, do it with a paint marker, available in many different colors at a craft store. Weight the tie down, or tape it, so that it doesn't move as you draw around it.

The fun part of the tie is creating the design that you want. One design that truly stands out is done when you paint inside of the outline with glitter fabric paint. But you can do other designs, too, like stripes, dots, or stencil images. Fabric paint is available in many colors, and several types, like metallic, glitter, neon, or pastel.

When the paint has dried you can wear your new shirt. The eye-catching tie will have everyone noticing how fashionable you are. Make different ties on different shirts. They look cute with jeans, skirts, and shorts.