Quake Live: Preview Friv Games

Having started our dazzling path in the late nineties (and to be more specific, since December 1999) and having finished it quite recently, gigantic and seemingly eternal, like Lenin, our beloved Quake 3 Arena, we thought he would retire forever - the engine is outdated, the cooler is tired, and John Carmack has got a son, whom he decided to pay more attention to than his favorite Friv games.

The developers of amateur modifications of OSP and CPMA did a good job of stopping the passage of time, but the moment, let's say, of the official "e-sports-oblivion" was inexorably approaching. We have always adhered to the position “ Quake 3 is alive, like Viktor Tsoi , like John Lennonor as the lead singer of the Nirvana band "- that is, even many years after the official exclusion of the legendary" Kwake "from the program of the largest esports tournaments, there will always be a place on the hard drives of loyal fans. As for Desura Online Games - the team of creators of the multiplayer shooter - it is still basking in the glory that was lit on the occasion of the release of Quake 3 Arena. Followers of Carmack became hostages of their own success - none of the subsequent Friv games of this studio, including Quake 4, could not gain the same popularity as the 1999 project.

After prolonged creative throwing, the developers, it seems, themselves realized the uniqueness of the "Ku3" phenomenon, deciding on a very unusual and somewhat contradictory step. What could be better than Quake 3 ? Quake 3 only running in a browser! The fashion for (almost) free online shooters has not been spared by id either - which cannot but please us. Because, compared to all sorts of Battlefield Heroes that require improvement and expansion , Quake 3 Arena looks like the best work of the Lefty master, claiming to be almost a genius.

So, nominally, Quake Live - the very "Quake" that runs in the browser - is a new game from id with a fundamentally different distribution system, an impressive community and a separate site, which is also the starting point for all online matches. And in fact, "Q3 in the browser" is not much different from the ideological progenitor of ten years ago. Except for a few important buts. These same nuances will be discussed.

In Quake Live is present the entire arsenal of the "Arena" plus three new guns. Although, they are not entirely new: the machine gun (chaingun) is taken from Quake 2 , the hammer-nail gun is somewhat reminiscent of the Flack Cannon from UT 2k4, and the proximity launcher (time grenades act as projectiles) we have already seen in the addition to Quake 3 - Team Arena . The new weapons, as well as the maps where they are located, are not yet very popular, because for this game no one has come up with anything more practical and more convenient than the good old rocket launcher, rail gun and "plasma".

The set of cards is solid - at the moment there are 47 of them. All the famous arenas are present, including the dueling q3dm17 and ztn, which in Quake Live are affectionately called The Longest Yard and Blood Run, respectively. By the way, in the game all the maps from Quake 3 have been renamed, which is a bit annoying at first when searching. There are not very many new arenas, but the client is regularly updated, so there is no need to worry about this. The main thing is that the cards themselves are interesting and playable.

In the list of modes, revelations are not yet foreseen. We still have access to the classic Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Tournament (aka Duel) and Capture the Flag.

In addition to participating in tournaments, we are invited to discuss pressing problems and "grind the bones" of the enemy on the internal forum, find out the latest news both on the current and upcoming updates on the site, and on the upcoming championships with solid prize funds. But most importantly, the site maintains the most complete statistics on your Friv games, which are then carefully transferred to your account along with the unlocked rewards (analogous to achievements on Xbox Live!). By the way, the latter are not just many, but very many, and some of them are interesting. For example, we managed to unlock God, Plus One and Air Hammer. But what they mean and what they were issued for - this is a question for you "to warm up". 

Desura Online Games has made a very successful attempt to "rejuvenate" Quake 3 Arena . They removed all unnecessary things to the old woman, leaving only 300 megabytes in the distribution, made a tightening of the already great network mode, forced to run through a browser, and now - the new old Q3 is again ready to accept its loyal fans. Never mind the new name. "Quake Live" is just a distraction.