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What we stand for

For more than 135 years, the RFS has dedicated itself to sharing knowledge on the art and science of woodland management so that the accumulated wisdom and experience of  landowners, foresters, arborists and others is transferred from one generation to another. 

The RFS believes that:

  • Woods should be managed not neglected
  • Thriving woods depend on nurturing skills and sharing knowledge
  • We must increase woodland resilience to pests, disease and climate change
  • More sustainably managed productive woods should be created
  • Well managed woods generate extensive public benefits which should be funded
  • We must increase public understanding of the value of managed woodland 

We are committed to ensuring our members’ voice on these topics is heard. Our policies identify what is required to deliver on these core beliefs.


Our Policies document focuses at seven key issues:

  • Woodland management
  • Woodland creation
  • Climate change
  • Pests and diseases
  • Grey squirrel and deer control
  • Grants and regulations
  • Forestry skills

Read or download our Forestry and Climate Change document and find out more about our work on Climate Change here.