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QJF 1914-1920

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The RFS has digitised twenty-eight volumes of the Quarterly Journal of Forestry (QJF) to bring to life for the first time the work of the Royal Arboricultural Society of England (as it was then known) and its members during the war and to mark the centenary of the Forestry Commission.

 This archive is a unique historical record of forestry policy and practice in Britain during the First World War leading to the creation of the Forestry Authority (later Forestry Commission) in 1919. To browse the articles click here.

Many of the common themes found in the articles resonate with forestry today – pests and diseases, species selection and relative performance, timber production, profitability and availability of skilled labour. Others are unique to the times, including the many lives lost by RFS members during the war.

The archive is fully indexed and searchable by title, author, date and year.

These free resources have been generously funded by the Doris Field Charitable Trust, the Scottish Forestry Trust and the SDS Group

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