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Small and Farm Woodlands


Treworder Barton Farm Casestudy Wn 140118

These case studies include the remarkable Lot 3  - winner of the Excellence in Forestry Small and Farm Woodlands Awards 2019 - a small woodland near Oxford that has been created from what had been arable land for centuries.

There is also an update on a eucalyptus plantation at Treworder Barton Farm, Wadebridge, Cornwall, four years after it won the Excellence in Forestry Climate Change Silver Award. Other case studies include recent winners of the RFS Excellence in Forestry (EiF) Small and Farm Woodlands Awards.

Also downloadable is an article written by the late Sarah Walters, owner of Alvecote Wood, for our QJF magazine after they won the 2014 EiF Best of England Small Wood Awards.


Case Studies

Lot 3 Creating Woodland on Arable Land

Eucalyptus Plantation and Sawmill

RFS EIF Sawrey Ground Plantation 2016

Bron Haul, Conwy 2015

Alvecote Wood 2014

Alvecote Wood 2013