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Hockeridge woodland management 2016

Most of the trees growing in Hockeridge Wood were planted between 50 and 60 years ago. It is good practice to thin woodlands regularly to maintain their health and vigour. Thinning gives the remaining trees the light and space to grow more strongly.

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 Hockeridge Wood: Woodland management benefits trees and the woodland flora and fauna

The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) appointed Tilhill Forestry to undertake a programme of thinning in Hockeridge Wood during 2016 and to fell a small area of conifers which had reached maturity. This area will be restocked mainly with broadleaved trees.

Further information on why thinning is good for woods can be downloaded, right.

An environmental survey was carried out prior to work commencing in each area to identify any sensitivities and all works were licensed by the Forestry Commission as meeting sustainable management requirements.



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