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Battram woodland management 2016

Most of the trees in Battram Wood were planted 16 to 18 years ago. It is good practice to thin woodlands regularly to maintain their health and vigour. Thinning gives the remaining trees the light and space to grow more strongly.

Thining Battram
A programme of thinning is underway at our Battram Wood in the National Forest

The RFS has appointed Native Forestry to undertake a programme of thinning in Battram Wood during 2016 whilst the ground conditions are favourable.

Details of the programme can be downloaded, right, together with additional information on the benefits of thinning.

An environmental survey is carried out prior to work commencing in each area to identify any sensitivities. All works are licensed by the Forestry Commission as meeting sustainable management requirements.

You are welcome to walk in the wood following the designated footpaths, however please be aware of felling operations and observe any temporary restrictions and signs.

To find out more about the thinning programme or learn more about the RFS’ plan for the woods please contact

We appreciate your patience whilst these operations are underway and hope they do not spoil your enjoyment of the woodlands.

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