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On this page you will find a selection of relevant articles and information about forestry jobs and careers. 


Rfs Certs Qjf 2017

Wilson, T., and A. Todd. 2017. RFS qualifications in arboriculture, forestry and silviculture. Quarterly Journal of Forestry 111(2): 84-86



This article provides an overview of the RFS Certificates in Arboriculture, Forestry and Silviculture. These are capstone qualifications for arboriculture and forest operatives, combining theory qualifications at QCF Level 2/3 with a suite of at least 8 practical skills certificates of competency. The article provides a description of the certificate structure and application process. 

 Proarb Oct 2016



Fowkes, S., and T. Wilson. 2016. The difference between arboriculture and forestry. Pro Arb Magazine 3(9): 22-24.



Pro Arb caught up with Steve Fowkes of the Forestry Commission and Ted Wilson, Royal Forestry Society (RFS) education manager to define the differences between arboriculture and forestry. The interview is reported here in full. 


Article published September 2016, re-posted here with thanks to the publishers. 


 Forestry J Jan 2015

Wilson, T. 2015. So you want to work in Forestry? Forestry Journal Jan 2015: 22-23



Plotting a career as a forester or arborist is not
easy; whilst the profession is dynamic and has many exciting avenues, identifying the right place to start is a challenge in itself. Here, Ted Wilson gives us his ‘Top 10 Tips’ for establishing a career in forestry, forest conservation and arboriculture.


Article published January 2015, re-posted here with thanks to the publishers. 

 He Forestry Arb 2017 18

Wilson, E. R. 2017. Higher Education Courses in Forestry, Arboriculture and Urban Forestry in the United Kingdom, for entry 2017-2018. Information Note, Royal Forestry Society. 2 pp.



An information note with details of the foestry, arboriculture and urban forestry courses currently being offered at Higher Education colleges and universities in the United Kingdom.The information note includes links and details of accreditation for each course registered with the Institute of Chartered Foresters. Prepared June 2016. 

He College Uni Map 2016 17

Wilson, E. R. 2016. Map of HE Colleges and Universities offering courses in Forestry, Arboricultue and Urban Forestry, for entry 2016-2017. Information Note, Royal Forestry Society. 1 pp.



A map showing the location of the principal colleges and universities in the UK offering higher education courses and qualifications in foestry, arboriculture and urban forestry. Prepared June 2016.