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Charter for Trees

We are delighted to be one of more than 70 organisations from across all sectors of society calling for a Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

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The Charter will be launched in November 2017, 500 years after Henry III signed a Charter of the Forest which protected the rights of people to access and use the Royal Forests.

The Tree Charter Principles articulate the relationship between people and trees in the UK in the 21st Century. The final Charter will provide guidance and inspiration for policy, practice, innovation and enjoyment, redefining the everyday benefits that we all gain from woods and trees in our lives, for everyone, from Government to businesses, communities and individuals.

A tree will be planted for every person who signs the Charter. Sign here

The Charter has 10 Principle themes. The RFS has taken a lead on developing 4: Utility and Livelihoods - a thriving forestry sector that delivers for the UK. More on each of the themes can be downloaded right

Principle Themes                                            

  1. Nature                                       
  2. Planting                                                          
  3. Arts & Heritage                                 
  4. Utility & Livelihoods                     
  5. Protection   
  6. Planning                                              
  7. Health & Wellbeing             
  8. People & Access to trees             
  9. Coping with Threats                      
  10. Environment                                  

The Charter has the support of famous names who have created short animations. To view them click on the names below.

Benjamin Zeph 


Chris Packham                
John Humphrys              

Benjamin Zepheniah       



Nickijempson Tteo 200815 Wn


Rfs Chief Executive Simon Lloyd Lr

Tree Charter blogs:

Teaching Trees Education Officer Nicki Jempson, top left, spelling out her childhood love of trees and why woods make the best classroom in the world!

RFS Education Manager Ted Wilson, right, on being Wise about Woods 

And RFS Chief Executive Simon Lloyd, bottom left, on why we need to choose more tree species for resilient forests 

Rfs Education Manager Ted Wilson Lr
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