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Six Randle Travel Bursaries to assist forestry research in Africa, Europe, North and South America
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Six RFS Randle Travel Bursaries have been awarded this year, covering forestry related  projects in Georgia USA, south west Norway, Uganda, France, Iceland and Costa Rica.

Jacob Passport Photo Sept 17 2 Jpg
Corinne Randle Bursary
Emily Warner
Randle 2019 Travel Bursary recipients, from the top: Jacob, Corinne, Stephen and Emily

The projects investigate a wide range of topics -  from historic impacts on modern logging,forest regeneration, forest certification, and mechanizing chestnut coppice to the different impacts of regeneration and planting in a cloud forest.

Toby Allen will be learning about methods for mechanizing chestnut coppice products in France. As the current chair of the National Coppice Federation this project will help develop connections within the coppice industry. Knowledge gained from this research will go towards inspiring the adaptation of machinery in the UK industry, improving the efficiency of operations.

Tom Benson is looking at how Iceland has moved from a country known for being relatively treeless to one which is reforesting using native and introduced species. Tom’s project will provide information for his degree research project in Arboriculture & Urban Forestry at Askham Bryan College.

Jacob Bouma will be joining the Cloud Forest Research project in Costa Rica, assisting in research into the different reforestation techniques (planted vs natural regeneration) on the forest structure of Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. This project is part of Jacob’s internship forming an important part of his BSC in Forestry at Bangor University. 

Corinne Deal will be investigating how modern logging activities have been affected by man’s historic activities in swamp landscapes  in Georgia, USA, for her dissertation at the University of Cumbria.

Stephen Mwangi will be looking at drivers, opportunities and challenges of Forest Certification in Uganda to see how these can translate to Kenya’s progression towards Forest Certification. Stephen’s research will support his MSC in Tropical Forestry as a distance learner at Bangor University.

Emily Warner will be in south west Norway assessing the potential for forest regeneration in the Scottish Highlands, using Norway’s successful regeneration efforts - research which will contribute to Emily’s PHD studies at the University of Oxford.

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Thanks to the Donald Randle Trust, the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) is able to offer  the bursaries to support members to travel overseas to enhance their forestry knowledge. Over the years, bursaries from the Randle Travel Fund (RTF) have helped a large number of RFS members, and promoted significant knowledge sharing and exchange. Each recipient must submit a written report (1500-2000 words) to the RFS within three months of completion of the project. The report will be considered for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Forestry.