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Education Officers in England

If you would like to book a school visit, find out more about Teaching Trees or discuss hosting a woodland education visit to your woods please contact us at Our Project Co-ordinator is Corinne Moss.

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Teaching Trees Education Officers

Our Teaching Trees Education Officers are all highly experienced.  Their understanding of local woodlands means they are able to work with schools to create memorable Teaching Trees events that will give children a real understanding of the benefits that woodlands and woodland management bring to their lives and communities.  All Education Officers are Disclosure and Barring Service checked.


Barbarabrannigan Ttedofficer 060515 Wn

Barbara Brannigan, West Yorkshire

Barbara has worked for Teaching Trees since 2010.  She thoroughly enjoys working with school groups and teachers during her sessions, which are both fun and educational.  Barbara also works for the educational charity, Countryside Learning.

Feedback from one of Barbara's sessions: “Another fabulously inspiring session – MANY THANKS Barbara you were wonderful with my class of Year 3 and 4s.  It was a pleasure to work with you again.” 

Contact her on:


Sarabrown H S Ttcumbria Wn 0509

Sara Brown, Cumbria 

Sara is a qualified teacher and, before joining us, built up extensive experience delivering forest education at Whinlatter Forest Park and in volunteer roles at Cumbria Wildlife Trust and her local primary school.

She says: "One of my earliest memories is sitting up in a big old willow tree that all the children on the street played on and under, it felt magical popping in and out of the curtain of leaves. I still feel the magic when I go into woodlands and I am over the moon to be able to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm to children so that they too will appreciate woodlands and gain an understanding of their value."

Contact her on


Jenny Everitt Tt Eo Wn 251016 

Jenny Everitt,  Derbyshire and  East Yorkshire

Jenny is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher, who has always loved using the outdoors as a learning environment.

She says: “It is great to be able to teach children about their local woodlands in a way that not only informs them, but excites them too.  In an ever increasing computerized and technological world, I am passionate about reconnecting children to the natural world around them and helping them discover the magic of the outdoors”.

Jenny also has a degree in Environmental Science and is married to a forester!

Contact her on:


Nickijempson Tteo 200815 Wn 

 Nicki Jempson, East Midlands and the National Forest:

Nicki has been a primary school teacher for 24 years.  Most of her sessions are run in the RFS's Battram Wood near Ibstock, within the National Forest.

She says: "Working in the outdoors with children is incredibly rewarding - for them, as well as for teachers.  It often brings children who might otherwise be reticent in a classroom setting, out of themselves. I hope every child who takes part will go home with memories to share and to treasure for years to come!"

Nicki has a degree in ecology and has previously worked as a volunteer for both the Leicester Ecology Trust and the Leicestershire Museums and Record Service.

Contact her on


Tim Kaye Teaching Trees Herefordshire

Tim Kaye, Herefordshire

Tim has worked in outdoor education for over 20 years and will be basing Teaching Trees sessions at Aconbury, part of the Duchy of Cornwall's Herefordshire Estate.

He says: "Learning outside the classroom is something that should be a part of everyone’s life.  I have seen first-hand how a trip to a natural space can be life changing and empowering, having worked with children and adults alike with a range of personal challenges or issues; as soon as they step into a woodland they are like different people.”

Contact him on:


Rebeccasmith Ttnorthumberland Wn 071117 

Rebecca Smith, Northumberland.

Rebecca has worked in education for over 10 years, with a wealth of experience in delivering environmental workshops to school children.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and interest in learning outside the classroom. 

 She says “There is nothing better than stomping around in autumn leaves and I feel very lucky to be able to share this joy and wonder with children during school visits.   I love creating new ways to engage children with their local woodlands and have seen how inspiring a chance to reconnect with nature can be for so many”. 

Contact her on


Jessica Lloyd Hs Teachingtreesnorthumberland Wn 050916

Jessica Lloyd, Northumberland

Jessica is a qualified primary school teacher and a former People and Wildlife Officer at Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

She says: "I find it so rewarding to see how much knowledge children absorb during a day out in a woodland, as well as how much they enjoy it! Growing up in Northumberland I was lucky enough to go on regular family walks to woodlands, where I would take part in treasure hunts, build dens, look for wildlife and make up stories. Many children now don't get so many opportunities to explore woodlands, so I love showing school groups how much fun they can be!"

Contact her on:

Georgia Spooner 2 Profile Picture Lr

Georgia Spooner, Gloucestershire

Georgia is an experienced environmental education officer, primary school teacher and forest school leader.

She says: “There is something very special about woodlands: the never ending cycle of seasons and the nooks and crannies ready to find.  I love seeing woodlands through the eyes of children and helping them to explore and understand their own passion for the outdoors.  These places are so important for future generations and the more we learn about them, the more we can all help to sustain and care for them.”

Contact her on:


 Simonwatts Teachingtreeseo 311016 Wn

Simon Watts, North Yorkshire

Simon is an experienced Education Officer who has previously worked with Groundwork Leeds and Keep Britain Tidy. He is a qualifed teacher and Forest School Leader.

He says: "Working in woodlands has always been a huge part of my life. From learning traditional woodland management skills as a volunteer in my teens and 20s, to taking groups of young children from my daughter's school to explore and play in the local woods, I have seen the joy and wonder that time spent in a woodland has given me and others."

Contact him on: