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Dysgu am Goed Education Officers


To find out about Dysgu am Goed for your school, contact 


Lowrihopkins Da Lh 071117 H S

Lowri Hopkins: Dysgu am Goed Development Officer

Lowri has worked for Tir Coed since June 2016, starting on a Jobs Growth Wales Placement. Since then, she has held many roles and as part of her previous role with Tir Coed she assisted the Director with the extensive consultation prior to the success of the Dysgu am Goed funding. Now, she is tasked with developing and adapting the Teaching Trees programme for the pilot in Ceredigion.

She says: “Children in general spend too much time in front of screens and we need to get them out into the woods and teaching them in a fun, natural environment where they don’t realise they’re learning!”


Wmmakeegan Dag Lh Wn 071171 H S

Emma Keegan: Dysgu am Goed Education Officer

Emma has a FDSC in Countryside Management and Conservation and has previously worked as a primary school assistant.

She says: “I applied for the Dysgu am Goed position because I believe educating children about the natural environment is key to inspiring future conservationists. The opportunity to be outdoors is important for developing new skills and for maintaining a connection with nature, it’s so rewarding to see children enjoying themselves learning and exploring in the woodland. My children love a woodland walk and I believe it’s so good for their health and wellbeing.”



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