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Image Library


The RFS image library has been produced to provide members with images that illustrate woodland/forest management principles and practices to be used in education and training to improve forestry teaching and learning. To access the images you must login using your individual membership login and password via the home page.

The RFS image library is free to members, although you must gain the consent of the RFS before using images from the library in publications and promotional material.


Coppice 1
Beech Woodland
Beech Wood 1
Conifer Plantations
Conifer Plantation 1
Coppicing with Standards
Coppice Standards 1
Eastern Grey Squirrels
Easterngreysquirrelscotspine Forestofdean2 Cpt 240115 Pt
Red Squirrels
Redsquirrel Imagelibrary Cpt Pt