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Woodlands planted for Resilience

Developing woodlands to be resilient to the impacts of pests, diseases, climate change and other environmental pressures is vital to ensure they thrive and provide economic, social, conservation, biodiversity and many other benefits for generations to come.

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The attached case studies feature winning resilient woods from our Duke of Cornwall Awards for Resilient Multipurpose woodlands in 2016 and 2017 and from our Excellence in Forestry Climate Change Awards 2014 which were sponsored by Forestry Commission England in partnership with the Climate Ready Support Service.

We have also included two articles which have appeared in the QJF during 2015; one with the responses of four experts to the question Resilient Woods: Everybody is talking about them, but what should they be doing?  and the second with the judges report on the resilient woodland mangement they saw while judging the 2015 Excellence in Forestry Woodland Creation Award which was sponsored by Natural Resources Wales.


* Picture by Les Starling: Felin Senni 2015 Woodland Creation Silver Award winner