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Whole Society Meeting 2015 & 2016

2016 - Herefordshire & Worcestershire

Wsm2016 010616Kj 

Our thanks to the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Divisions for a wonderful five-day tour of some of the counties' best and most interesting woodlands. Find out how much we saw and learned from an article which appeared in the July QJF and can be downloaded right.

2015 - Oxon & Bucks

Organised and hosted by our Oxon and Bucks Division, the tour packed in a huge amount of learning over four days for all who attended. Our thanks to our many hosts - Forestry Commission England, Steve Roberts, Oxford University, Mr and Mrs Andrew Ingram, Earth Trust, and Blenheim Palace.

 Day One:

At our own Hockeridge and Pancake Wood, Forestry Commission England's Wendover Wood and Hengrove Wood, owned by Steve Roberts. The morning was hosted by Andrew Woods, RFS Vice President Elect, and the afternoon by Forestry Commission's Joanne Mason and Richard Pearce. Chair for the day was John Morris.

 Hockeridge Wsm2015 Beech Regen 120515 Cm
 Beech regeneration at Hockeridge Wood

Topics included:

  • thinning, restocking and species choice
  • Glis- glis (edible dormouse) research
  • visitor recreational facilities
  • restocking after storm damage
  • mulching and pest control
  • mobile oak sawmill operations 












Wendover Woods Wsm2015 Sarah Wright2 120515 Cm
Forestry Commission's Sarah Wright talks box woodlands at Wendover Woods
Hengrove Wood Wsm2015 Steve Roberts 120515 Cm Comp
Steve Roberts demonstrates mobile oak sawmilling
Hockeridge Wsm2015 Glis Glis3 120515 Cm 1 Comp
Glis glis research at Hockeridge Wood



Day Two:

Bagley Wood, owned by St John's College, Oxford, and Wytham Woods owned by University of Oxford, one of the most researched woodlands in Europe. At Bagley Wood the our host and guide was Peter Oliver, Consultant Forester. At Wytham Woods the visit was led by Dr Keith Kirby and Nigel Fisher, Conservator of Wytham Woods. The Chair for the day was  Dr Peter Savill.

 Oakwithconfier Nurse Anderson Plantingbagley Wsm0515 Wn Dsc 0032
Bagley Wood discussing oak with conifer nurse and Anderson planting theories

Topics included:

  • How William Schlick has influenced forestry planting in the UK
  • Anderson planting and other conifer nurse techniques
  • Japanese red cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)
  • formative pruning in oaks
  • deer management
  • woodland soils and carbon fluxes
  • above ground carbon dynamics
  • ash dieback
  • bird breeding research














 Restocking Bagley Wood Wsm0515 Wn Dsc 0039
Restocking in Bagley Wood using modified Anderson layout
Explaining Field Experiments Into Woodland Soils And Carbon Flux In Temperate Forests Dsc 0053 

Field trials woodland soils & carbon storage

Carbonflux Wsmwytham 0515 Wn Dsc 0072 
Carbon flux investigations at Wytham Woods

Day Three:

The mixed woodland and farm estate of Greenfield Farm, Christmas Common, owned by Mr and Mrs Andrew Ingram, and Earth Trust, a conservation learning charity, where the host was Forestry Research Manager Dr Jo Clark. Chair for the day was Rik Pakenham.

Rarebreed Pigs Wsmgrenfield 0515 Dd 

Using rare breed pigs at Greenfield Farm for woodland management

Topics included:

  • Christmas tree production
  • new woodland planting
  • management of beech monocultures
  • use of  rare breed pigs to control Himalayan balsam
  • farm woodland tree improvement research
  • ash breeding programme
  • climate change impact
  • clonal forestry and walnut 













Christmastreeproduction Wsmgreenfield 0515 Pt Mg 3676 Pt

Christmas tree production at  Greenfield Farm

Ashproject Wsmearthtrust 0515 Dd
Wildcherrystand Wsmearth Trust 0515 Dd
Ash breeding , top, and wild cherry research at the Earth Trust
















Day Four:

Blenheim Palace estate, Woodstock, home to the 12th Duke of Marlborough. The visit was hosted by Roy Cox, Rural Enterprises Manager, Blenheim Palace, and chaired by Paul Orsi.

 Veteranoak Wsmblenheim 0515 Dd Img 3919
 Veteran tree management: oak at Blenheim

Topics included:

  • modern commercial estate working
  • ancient tree management
  • species diversification
  • parkland restoration







Cedars Wsmblenhei 0515 Pt Img 3843
Magnificent cedars at Blenheim






Talkingwoodlands Wsmblenheim 0515 Pt Img 3788
Askingquestions Wsmblenheim 0515 Dd
Talking woodland management at Belenheim
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