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Meet our Instructors


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Below are profiles for our instructors who will be leading this year's Wise About Woods Training Courses. Each instructor brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise as a forestry educator. 

  • Mike Jones - Essentials for measuring your trees and woods
  • John Morris - Woodland Archaeology and Tree identification
  • Gavin Munro - Grading and measuring your timber
  • Julian Evans - Essential Guide to caring for your wood
  • Adam Sharman - Tree Health - pests & diseases 
  • Paul Orsi - Management planning using myForest
  • Andy Moffat - An introduction to soil identification for foresters 


Mike Jones 

Course 5. Essentials for measuring your trees and wood

Mike Jones graduated in Forestry in 1982, and spent 12 years working on private estates in Yorkshire, latterly as Head Forester on Garrowby Estate near York. After gaining a teaching qualification, he went to teach forestry at Newton Rigg College, which later became part of the University of Cumbria. In 2007 he joined the Forestry Commission, firstly in Scotland, then North England,  where he was responsible for planning and surveys. During a career break from the Commission, Mike spent time as an independent consultant, advising  owners on woodland management, and auditing forestry organisations against the UKWAS certification scheme. 

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Mike Pic2

Mike Jones

John Morris

Course 1. Woodland Archaeology


Course 4. Tree identification

John Morris is Director of a local charity, the Chiltern Woodlands Project. John studied Biological Sciences at Exeter University. He has been giving advice and assistance on woodland management in the Chilterns for nearly 35 years. He has organized several conferences and training events. He is a longstanding member of the RFS and currently represents Oxon/ Bucks division on Council. John has been organizing volunteer workparties with the Chiltern Society in Hockeridge Wood since November 2014 and took on the role of woodland manager here in June 2017, so knows these woods well.


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John Morris Dec 15 By Chris Smith 

John Morris

Gavin Munro

Course 2. Grading and measuring your timber

Gavin brings 55 years experience in the forestry sector. In the early 1960s he started with Bernwood Forest, north Oxford (FC), and Kennington Nursery, Hazelburgh (at Silverstone), Thetford Forest. He studied forestry from 1965-67 at Gwydr Forestry School (Forestry Commission). He then spent four years at Clocaenog, North Wales; and four years in the FC Training Branch at Machynlleth (Dovey Forest). Gavin joined the private sector in 1976 and worked for Forest Thinnings for eight years. From 1984 he became a full-time hardwood buyer and worked for various firms in England and Scotland. Since 2004 he has provided forestry training for various organisations and timber valuation for estates. He is a tutor on the highly successful "Woodland to Workshop" (W2W) Course, organised by Woodland Heritage. To date, Gavin has delivered approximately 50 one-day timber grading and valuation courses for FC, local authorities, and others. 

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 007A Gavin Munro Cropped

Gavin Munro


Professor Julian Evans OBE FICFor

Course 3. Essential guide to caring for your wood

Julian is immediate past president of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and presently chairs the Forestry Commission’s Expert Committee on Forest Science. However he has a keen interest in caring for and managing smaller woodlands as he has owned one himself of 30 acres for more than 30 years. He has written several books about his experiences as an owner including ‘Getting Started in Your Own Wood’ (Permanent Publications).

He is a member of RFS Council and of the Editorial Board of QJF.

Note: Copies of Julian's book 'Getting Started in Your Own Wood' are available from the RFS Shop at a special discounted price: here 


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 Julian Evans

Julian Evans

Adam Sharman

Course 6. Tree health - pests & diseases 

Adam Sharman is a Lecturer in Forestry and Arboriculture, Countryside Management and Agriculture at Moulton College, Northamptonshire. He graduated the University of Northampton with a BSc in Arboriculture in 2014 and has been lecturing since, delivering to both Further Education and Higher Education students. He played an integral role in the delivery of the recent Future Foresters Technology Day held at Moulton College in October 2017. 

 Adam Sharman Photo

Paul Orsi

Course 7. Management planning using myForest

Paul Orsi is Director for Forestry and Rural Enterprise at the Sylva Foundation.  He has a Masters in Land Management and is a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Forester.  He has 20 years of experience in the forestry and land management sectors working in the private sector for both companies and estates, and more recently in working for an NGO.  Paul’s work for Sylva sees him lead on the development of myForest as well as Sylva’s other Forestry and Rural Enterprise activities.


 Paul Orsi Photo

Andy Moffat

Course 8. An introduction to soil identification for foresters

Andy Moffat is both a Fellow of the British Society of Soil Science and a Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, and holds a degree in Geography and Soil Science.  He started his career as a Soil Surveyor for the Soil Survey of England and Wales before taking up a position as Soil Scientist at the Forestry Commission Alice Holt Research Station.  He was the author of the first Forestry Commission Soil Guidelines, and has written many other books, papers and articles about forest soils.  He recently helped to assess FC publications for their suitability to underpin the most recent UKFS Soil Guidelines.  Andy has run a successful course on ‘Soils for Arboriculturists’ for the Arboricultural Association since 2016.


 Andy Moffat