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RFS Oversea Study Tours

In October 2016 the RFS organised a 10 day study tour to New England. Thirty-six members joined the trip and it was judged a resounding success. The trip coincided with the height of the “fall” colours and near perfect weather and was busy, educational and enjoyable with visits to national, state and private forests, maple syrup production, saw mill, research centre, arboretum and  timber framing business.

A big thank you to Chloe Darling (RFS Gloucestershire) for organising the trip to such a high standard. A full report will be published in the Quarterly Journal of Forestry in 2017.

The RFS is planning an overseas study tour to Bavaria in 2018.

Further details will be available later in 2017.

Group Photo 191216Kj

Lake With Chairs 191216Kj

 Buildings 191216Kj  Barn 191216Kj
 Colour Trees 191216Kj  Trees Lake 191216Kj