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Cobblers Coppice - Worcestershire Divison

  • Venue - Cobblers Coppice, Droitwich..
  • Time - 10.00am

With a history as an ex-Harris Brushworks wood, the crops are broadleaves with sycamores and beech in the majority.  The challenge is to harvest timber on a sustained yield basis, providing a modest income whilst maintaining the woodland character.  Working a form of continuous cover, the ambition is to create diverse age structure and thereby encourage the next generation of broadleaf trees.

For more information please contact the local Honorary Secretary, Ben Anderson, at 


As an educational charity, the RFS must lead by example on the biosecurity measures recommended by the Forestry Commission (FC) and Defra to minimise the risk of spreading soil-borne tree infections. You can make a difference to stopping the spread of tree diseases. Clean boots are a first step!  For further information, please click here


Most all-day meetings start at around 10:00 and end at around 16:00, but please check precise details with the Local Honorary Secretary.

RFS meetings take place out in the woods in all weathers. Appropriate footwear and clothing should be worn. Please be aware of your health and safety at all times. Do not take risks that could put you or others in danger. Do not attempt to do anything that you do not feel confident about. Please follow instructions.

RFS members are welcome to attend events in any Division.