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RICS Rural Mid-Session Conference, Scotland


RICS Rural Mid-Session Conference, Scotland


This year’s Rural Mid-Session Conference comes back at the SNH with a refreshed agenda and will equip you with the right knowledge to leverage current opportunities for growth and resilience. Delivered through presentations and case studies, the event will focus on key sessions and latest guidance and research published in the last six months so you can be better prepared to mitigate any risks to your business.

Understand how land is occupied and owned in Scotland with practical tips and hints from our speaker on how to register land ownership. Sessions such as the Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act will take a closer look at the devolution of forestry and what this could mean for Scotland. Further topics will look at the application of GIS in the rural sector, succession planning, energy storage and many more.
Attend this full-day conference to network with colleagues from across the region and take away crucial lessons from our expert speaker line up.


RFS members are entitled to discounted tickets.


For more information please click here and when booking tickets enter the voucher code VHR0000772

(Please note, the voucher code will only work once the Early Bird booking period has run out on 14 September)