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Be part of the solution

The RFS is working hard to help to combat the threats and pressures that are faced by our trees and woodlands. You can be part of the solution by making a donation today. You can choose to support one of our appeals (listed below) or if you simply can't decide click here to make a general donation.


Grey squirrel control appeal

The RFS is working as part of the UK Squirrel Accord to support ground-breaking new research. The results of this research will help to manage populations of grey squirrels in the UK using an oral contraceptive. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated - You have helped us to raise over £40,000! This is a incredible contribution towards this £1.2 million project. The UK Squirrel Accord Partnership still needs to raise £200,000 so if you would still like to make a donation towards this important research please click the icon below.

 Grey Squirrel Control Termometer  Grey Squirrel Bark Strip Square
Grey Squirrel Web Click to help control grey squirrels - Donate today


Teaching Trees appeal

Teaching Trees builds the next generation’s awareness and appreciation of the value of trees and woods.  Primary school children are taken on a guided woodland visit, and taught tree identification, habitat diversity, and what it means to ‘manage’ a wood Help us reach our £111,000 target by December 2018 by making a donation today.

Teaching Trees Square   Teaching Trees Termometer
Woodland Web Click to help school children learn about trees and woodlands - Donate today



Future Foresters appeal

Future Foresters is our dedicated programme to promote forestry careers and help people from all backgrounds enter the forestry industry.  We are making forestry more resilient by helping to provide a skilled workforce who will value and manage our woodlands into the future. Although we've already reached our target for 2018, you can still donate to Future Foresters to help us achieve even more.

Future Foresters Thermometer Future Foresters Square 
Woodland Owner Web Click to help people get into forestry careers - Donate today


Wise about Woods appeal

 Wise about Woods is about equipping people to bring more woodland into management. By supporting our Wise about Woods programme you are helping us to share knowledge more widely. Help us reach our £27,000 target by December 2018 by making a donation today.

Waw Square  Wise About Woods Thermometer
Tree Web Click to help the RFS share knowledge - Donate today



Leaving a gift in your will

If you believe in the ethos of the RFS, and if you care about protecting our trees and woods for future generations, you may wish to consider leaving a legacy to the RFS, after providing for family and friends, of course.

No matter how small, your gift will make a real difference. The combined generosity of the many people who have remembered the RFS in their Will amounts to something of immense value.  Recently legacy income has had a transformational effect on the ambition and the achievements of the Society. 

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