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 Awards for Cowdray foresters

Sophiec Clivequinnell Lsa2017 Wn 111017
Sophiechurchillshaun Hyde Lsa2017 Wn 11017
RFS President Sophie Churchill OBE presents awards to Clive Quinnell (top) and Shaun Hyde 

Two foresters who have helped develop the Cowdray Estate's magnificent mixed woodlands in West Sussex over many decades have received long service awards.

Clive Quinnell has worked on the estate for more than 40 years and Shaun Hyde for more than 30 years.

Clive was recruited into the Woods Department at the age of 16 by the then Head Forester, John Hulme. He has worked on the Forest Maintenance team throughout his career and is immensely proud of his part in establishing the high quality plantations that are maturing today

Richard Everett, Forest Manager, says: "Clive has been and continues to be a valuable member of the Woods Department team. His commitment to his work over such a long period has helped ensure that future generations can enjoy productive well managed woodlands at Cowdray for years to come."

Shaun Hyde arrived on the Estate in 1987, a few months before the great storm. He started on establishment duties but after the storm was moved onto harvesting where he stayed for 17 years, undertaking motor manual harvesting. Thirteen years ago Shaun moved onto the new mobile sawbench and has been the lead sawyer on the Estate ever since.

Richard Everett says: "Shaun is a valued member of the Woods team. In his current role he is helping to add value to the Estate's timber and looking to diversify the range of products that we produce."

Cowdray Estate is a mixed rural Estate in West Sussex covering 16,500 acres of which a third is woodland. The woods are a diverse mix of conifers and broadleaves and are managed primarily for the production of high quality timber as well as environmental and social benefits.

Both men are following in well trodden family footsteps. Clive is a 4th generation Quinnell on the Estate. His Great Grandfather worked on the Estate, his Grandfather was a lorry driver on the Works department and his Father was a Mechanic in the Works Department.

Shaun's parents worked for Charles Pearson, Lord Cowdray's brother, as gardener and housekeeper, one of Shaun's  brothers is Lord Cowdray's chauffeur,  his wife works in the Estate Office and his nephew works with the Cowdray Works Department.