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2017 Education and Learning Award

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2017 winners

Ed And Learning Gold Hill Holt Wn 310717 D71 8137 Lr   Eif Ed And Learning Silver Greenlight Trust Wn310717 D71 8138 Lr Eif Ed And Learning Award Commended Fceng Wn 310717D71 8144 Lr 

 Gold: Hill Holt: Samantha Marshall and Ben Wilson

Silver: Green Light Trust: Mark Pritchard  Commended: FC England Learning and Development 


Gold: Hill Holt Wood, Lincolnshire, for The Study Programme

Silver: Green Light Trust, Lawshall, Suffolk, for its Greener Lives Programme

Highly Commended: Forestry Commission - Health Safety & Technical Training for their Forest Craftsperson Apprenticeship 

This Award is to encourage and reward schools, colleges, universities and other recognised training providers who increase awareness, understanding and skills related to the environmental, social and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests, and who may also demonstrate the link between trees and wood products.

Hill Holt Wood, Lincolnshire, for The Study Programme

Hill Holt Wood introduces young people to the positive role woodlands can play in our lives.They

Edandlearngold2017 Hill Holt Wn 0606
Learners at Hill Holt Wood

offer two pathways - a land based course and a Heritage wood craft course which both offer qualifications at Level 1 and 2. A holistic approach ensures students see and take part in the whole process from felling and sawmilling to making products sold in their cafe or via the Woodland Trust with FSC status.

A recent Ofsted report said; "Learners develop a good range of employment related skills by working in woodlands and the local community."

Judges said: " We were impressed with the culture of inclusion and the wide range of youth engagement activities on offer, including Forest Schools, Growing Up Green and a forestry apprenticeship scheme. Throughout all levels of the organisation the judges encountered enthusiastic learners and staff who had a clear sense of purpose and belief in their work; we were impressed with the leadership and drive of CEO Steven Donagain. There is also a deeply embedded ethos of ‘developing the individual’, through the Study Programme, that aims to maximise the potential of young people and help them progress onto further education and/or skilled employment. We also saw many examples of young people learning traditional woodland crafts and skills, building strong linkages with woodland management and sustainable forest products. The development of an innovative training centre set within the woods together with dedicated areas for the various programmes added greatly to the value of Hill Holt Wood." 

Green Light Trust, Lawshall, Suffolk, for its Greener Lives Programme

The Green Light Trust is an Environmental and Education charity working predominantly in Suffolk

Greener Lives In Frithy Wood Suffolk 2
Greener Lives in Action in Frithy Wood, Suffolk

but also in Essex, Norfolk, and Cambridgeshire.

The Trust was founded 28 years ago and its Greener Lives programme was created around eight years ago. The programme uses nature, and more specifically woodland activity as a medium to engage and support those in society who experience the effects of social inequalities. Key features are educational experiences from carrying out traditional woodland management activity and learning skills required to use the timber produced, such as green wood working.

The Trust works with adults and young people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, Mental Health issues and those with special educational needs, those not in education, employment or training and those struggling to engage with school curriculums.

Judges said: "A clear commitment to inclusion has enabled the charity to nurture learners from many backgrounds, including those with special needs or who have struggled to make their voices heard in traditional school settings. Expertise and creativity in the planning of the curriculum for each programme were key features contributing to the success of Green Light’s approach. Providing space to develop and using traditional forestry work has enabled many people to move forward and gain new skills and perspectives, leading in many cases to employment. We were impressed with the long-term sustainability of the education provision developed through effective fund-raising and links with the local community as well as national organisations. The enthusiasm and commitment of all staff was infectious and praiseworthy, ably led by Tom Brown, Greener Lives Director." 


Forestry Commission - Health Safety & Technical Training for their Forest Craftsperson Apprenticeship 

The Apprentice Forest Craftsperson scheme was set up in 2013 by Forestry Commission England in

Edlearncommendeif2017 Apprentices Tw 140617
Forestry Commission Apprentice Scheme: Left to Right: Harvey Hall (apprentice), Martin Johnston (forester), Tom Caley (apprentice).

January 2013 and operates throughout England, including the Midlands and Norfolk.

The two-year programme aims to bring young people into the Forestry Commission or wider forest industry and build a career. Apprentices work towards a Level 2 Work-based Diploma in Trees and Timber.

Judges said: " We were impressed by a number of features, including: a recruitment process that embraces diversity and engages with the local community; a dedicated training programme that includes formal qualifications and practical skills; work experience in other woodland types and the opportunity to network with other Forestry Commission apprentices. Progression to other roles within the Forestry Commission is also a feature of this scheme. We were impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of forestry apprentices Tom Caley and Harvey Hall, who clearly are embracing their work and learning. In addition, the scheme demonstrates best practice through the leadership and support of Dan Hotchkiss and Tristram Limmer who are delivering excellent training, together with excellent mentoring at the district office by Martin Johnston. We were impressed with the emphasis on health, safety and ergonomics. The scheme is at a relatively early stage but is already proving successful in securing a skilled and engaged workforce." 

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