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EiF Multipurpose Award


Duke of Cornwall's Award for multipurpose forestry

Sponsored by John Clegg & Co

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This Award recognises how woodlands can be managed in a way that is sympathetic to the landscape, conserving and enhancing the wildlife value for both the short- and long-term, while remaining consistent with the primary purpose of sustainable timber production.


Excellence Gold Award

  • Winner Hampton Estate, Surrey


The judges said: “This well-managed estate has it all – superb, well-thinned conifers and broadleaves, good coppice, well-managed areas of SSSI vegetation and associated wildlife, and a positive and innovative approach to public use.”  Eifbestofengland Dukeofcornwawwwinners Crfs 120914 Pt 

Left to right: Bill and Bridget Biddell with Carlton Moore, receive the award from John Clegg

Bill and Bridget Biddell of the Hampton Estate said the award was a huge tribute to Bridget’s father, Sir Richard Thornton who had owned the estate until his death in January this year.

Bill Biddell said: “He was so very instrumental in maintaining, planting and planning the good timber we have today."

“Forestry is what underpins our estate services and is of strategic importance to what we do. Since winning the award in 2010 we have introduced a second biomass boiler to heat estate buildings, have invested in the delivery locally of woodlfuel and we have been extracting good quality timber.

“We see woodland access very much as a two-way activity with local people acting as our eyes and ears and letting us know if they see any problems We are also developing our education programmes and more than 200 children will be visiting from local schools this summer. We talk to them about trees, the uses of timber, and then we get out the chain saws and they watch us cutting up silver birch so that each child goes away with a small round of silver birch timber to treasure!”


Excellence Silver Award

  • Silver Combe Sydenham Estate, Somerset


Spreading the forestry message: Combe Sydenham Estate's award-winning woodlands

The judges said: “Years of enthusiastic and dedicated management have created very productive woodlands with environmental benefits which are proving to be of increasing educational value.”  Eifdukeofcornwallsilver Williamtheedjohnclegg Crfs 150914 Wn

Left to right: William Theed receives the award from John Clegg

For William Theed, owner of Combe Sydenham Estate in Somerset, spreading the forestry message among children is also a top priority. As well as an active and growing education programme, the estate also hosts all manner of events and activities including off road vehicle and mountain bike tracks.

William Theed says: “I am delighted with the awards. We have proved that it is possible to make money from forestry and have fun, despite the challenges of climate change and disease. In 2009 we were one of the first in the south west to be affected by Phytopthora ramorum. At the time it was devastating, with 5 hectares of larch having to be felled, but even that has turned out to be an opportunity, with trial plots of other species now growing which will hopefully prove resilient to future threats of disease and climate change.”