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EiF Silviculture Award


Silviculture Award winners 2013

Sponsored by Tubex

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The RFS Silviculture Award recognises and encourages exemplary best practice in silviculture in commercial woodlands where quality timber production is a primary aim.


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  • 1st: Whitbourne Estate, near Bromyard, Herefordshire

Bill Evans from Whitbourne Estate near Bromyard, Herefordshire, left, is presented with the award by Tim Oliver, Tubex. © Les Starling

The judges said: “The woodlands have been managed to be first class quality. They have been thinned when they should have been thinned and pruned when they should be pruned to develop straight stems ideal for timber production of the top quality. The owner should be very proud of what he has achieved!”

The judges said they had never before seen oak of such first-class quality! Some of the oaks are up to 150 years old, dating back to a time when the Evans family bought the estate. The woodlands have been managed for timber production since the 1950s.

Owner, Bill Evans said: “I have loved looking after the woods at Whitbourne over the last thirty-five years. Winning this award is a huge honour and makes me feel it has all been worthwhile. It will galvanise us to redouble our efforts to protect our young oak trees from the constant threat of grey squirrel damage.”


  • 2nd: Whinfell Forest, part of the Lowther and Lonsdale estate near PenrithEifsilviculturerunnerup13 Namename Crfs 160914 Pt

Ian Jack, left of the Lowther and Lonsdale estate for Whinfell Forest woodlands in Cumbria receives the award from Tim Oliver from Tubex.© Les Starling

The judges commented: “The sort of woodlands any forester would want to produce. They are a first class example of multi-species woodlands with natural regeneration. To achieve this level of excellence, not only do the conditions need to be right on the ground, but also the management needs to be right.”

Ian Jack, for the estate, said: “We are very honoured to receive these awards.”